Saturday, November 7, 2015

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Whether it was childhood abuse or neglect, wartime trauma, or vicariously experiencing a trauma (seeing a horrible car crash or domestic violence not directed to you but witnessing it), all of us who probably take this newsletter have experienced Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  I have experienced numerous traumas and have nightmares quite frequently.  I also have anxiety about events that have not even happened yet.  PTSD is an anxiety disorder and is expressed through numerous symptoms,

Besides child abuse and neglect, I am now experiencing PTSD from my disease process.  You see, I have a chronic painful nerve disease which affects me more sometimes and less other times.  I have pain in my knee and ankle joints and recently experienced non-stop itching which took over my lower legs and feet.  Besides a horrendous itching, I also have muscle spasms, a terrible rash and blisters all over my lower legs and feet.  The itching is so bad that it is based also on temperature so I have to have a room that is 70 degrees at all times so I wear two turtle neck tops and a sweatshirt or jacket.  It has become such a traumatic event in my life, that I have nightmares about it coming on worse than it has ever been.  My dermatologist has given me cortisone, antibiotic ointment for the wounds some of the itching and my scratching have caused.  I have anti-itching pills and many other ointments and creams.  My fiancĂ©e, who is a retired doctor, keeps track of my regime and treatment protocol.

My physical health has become traumatizing to me.  We now have to slowly stop the treatment which has calmed the symptoms.  I now live in fear that they will return.  This is PTSD.  This condition (nerve disease) has left my body, bedbound except with the help of a walker and caregivers, I can get up out of bed and use the bathroom and then return to bed.  My greatest fear is that I won't be able to travel to my daughter's law school graduation two state's away next May.

PTSD is extremely difficult for our war veterans to avoid.  The death and destruction that they experience in war would wear even the strongest marine, air men and soldier down.  If you have not seen the movie, "American Sniper," I would highly recommend this movie as an example of how PTSD can ruin people's lives.

I'm sure many of you have experienced traumatic events that you could share with us.  If you want to share your trauma's with Niki and myself, we would love to hear from you.  Use the blog comments section, the home website page or email us ( and we'll put it in the next newsletter or if you wish to share with me, Deborah Hunter-Marsh, your story, be brave and tell me, I won't reveal it to anyone unless you say it's o.k.  Until next month have a good and safe Thanksgiving holiday.


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