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This blog is for discussion of my book, DELIVER US FROM EVIL, child abuse survival in general, and the role that churches and other institutions should play in protecting children.   The web site for the book is: .   The book is available for sale at these links:

The paperback at Amazon:

The E-book at Amazon:

The paperback at Electio Publishing:!/Deliver-Us-From-Evil-Paperback-*/p/56977175

The E-book at Electio Publishing:

If you have any problems getting the book in the exact format you like, or if you would like to contact the author or get a signed copy, please use the contact form on my book's web site at:

You are welcome to participate on my blog with your comments as long as they are considerate and polite.  We welcome relevant contributions such as book titles and internet links.  Anyone with abuse issues or comments of their own are welcome to leave those comments here.   Comments will be briefly delayed for review before they appear.

We want to stress that our book is not an indictment of the Mormon Church or religion in general.  Most Mormons raise wonderful families and do not abuse children.  We will be discussing aberrations and deviations which can happen in any religion and in people who have no religion.

We hope that, by bringing our father's abuse to the attention of the Mormon Church Court, we were able to raise that religion's consciousness about the prevalence of child sexual abuse and the harm it causes.

Our book addresses those issues as well as the processes of therapy and recovery.  We hope you enjoy the articles, sayings, news articles and book excerpts on this blog.


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