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How To Take Your Mind Off Problems

Mental health difficulties such as anxiety disorders, mood disorders, trauma disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and more are notorious for causing people to overthink things and ruminate over problems seemingly nonstop. Thinking about problems too much can interfere in daily life. It's possible to take your mind off problems and find relief from ruminating and over-thinking. Here are ways to do it:

Do something you enjoy. When you actively engage in an activity you love, your mind has something to do. When your mind is distracted with other things, your thinking shifts away from your problems.
Get physical. Regular exercise, even a 10-minute daily walk, energizes both body and mind, and it has a positive impact on the brain that extends to the way it thinks.
Be mindful. Practicing mindfulness means being fully aware, through all of your senses, on what is going on in each moment. The brain can't think about problems and be engaged in the moment at the same time. Again and again, turn your attention to your present moment. Over time, mindfulness will be natural, and you will no longer overthink problems.
Purposefully engaging your mind in positive activities will help you take your mind off your problems—and keep it off.

Here are some more ideas to stop overthinking from our anxiety blogger, Tanya Peterson. Take a look.

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