Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Irish Courts Are Enabling & Encouraging Pedophiles To Live In Ireland

Anybody that follows my work and or writings will know that for a long time now I have spoken out about how horrific the level of abuse is in Ireland. Today another situation has arisen that will shock so many people around the world, yet it doesn't shock me as it is part of the over all IGNORANCE IN IRELAND BY THE COURTS & THE GOVERNMENT.
Ireland is a Haven for Pedophiles from around the world, the reason for this is very simple if they don't register with the police in Ireland on arrival, then unless they are notified or an incident happens they won't know that this predator is here. Ireland does NOT HAVE A PUBLIC SEX OFFENDERS REGISTER but it needs one and fast. Below is an incident that happened in a court in Co Galway today which is in the West of Ireland, one of the most popular tourist areas for anybody visiting Ireland and especially for those from America, as Galway is the home of Connemara but it is also the home of some of the most horrific, barbaric and hidden Child Abuse and their hidden Graves that Ireland has ever seen. Yet the courts, and in particular this judge seems to want to protect the Pedophile he had in front of him today rather than the Irish Public and more importantly all children that are near or around this Convicted Sex Offender. I would seriously question as to whether or not this judge is himself a Predator, perhaps he is a Pedophile and is part of a so far unknown or undiscovered Pedophile Ring. As we all know that many judges in the past worldwide are involved in this type of behavior and they cover up and or allow those that appear before them as defendants to escape accountability. Perhaps if Judge Rory Mc Cabe who sits in the Circuit Court in Galway is to be held personally responsible for when this Pedophile Rapes and destroy's the life of his next victim an innocent child he will rethink his position. Not that he would be held accountable as in Ireland those in power, those with money and those that abuse are always the one's to escape any type of consequences for their actions and are seldom held accountable, other than perhaps a slap on the wrist.
This is the incident that I am speaking about and it is beyond believe to see that once again this has happened in Ireland. A Registered UK Convicted Sex Offender by the name of Sean Johnson who is 34 years of age, was in court in Galway today to face charges of failing to register as a sex offender in Ireland. He had been had been running talent competitions and auditions for children as young as seven years of age in not just Galway but also in Cork for months. He was using at least two aliases in this time in both locations. His objective was to work with kids as he is a Pedophile and to also hide his identity so that he could do this for as long as possible. He was eventually arrested in February 2015. He had been using the false names to evade detection and had rented a room at a Library to hold fake video auditions for children, from the age of just seven years & up, promising their parents and agents that they would be cast in children’s TV series. As a Convicted Sex Offender  this work is totally illegal and taking any images or video's of children considering that he was incarcerated for child pornography should have set off huge Red Flags in the mind of the judge in Galway as he was up to his old tricks again, he was just grooming his latest victims.
He was in court for Not Registering As a Sex Offender, he was NOT charged with breaching his sentence in the UK which he had reduced due to good behavior that stated he was NEVER to work with children again. Yet in Ireland he got away with this as the Judge felt the original sentence of 10 months was too harsh and dropped all other charges against him.He then released him immediately and he proceeded to walk down the city streets of Galway with all those children and potential victims within his reach.
He had arrived in Ireland  just days after he had been released from a UK prison,  having served three months of a four-month sentence imposed on him for the possession of child pornography.  As part of that sentence, the UK court had directed he never work with children again.Yet in Ireland he was  given a slap on the wrist, the children that were at risk didn't matter, the fact that he was a convicted Sex Offender who had been convicted of Child Pornography and he was now making video's of young children didn't matter, No he had rights and the Judge in Galway today allowed this predator to walk free, another sex offender on the streets of Ireland.
Ireland is like a Candy Store for any and all Abusers - Pedophiles & Sex Offenders, when you have No laws that will protect the victims until they are basically a statistic of murder and No Courts that are educated on what Abuse and or Pedophiles are then how can the children and people of Ireland be protected. I have no hesitation in stating publicly that in my mind the Judge today Rory McCabe has not just Endangered the life and innocence of children all over Ireland, but he has Enabled this Pedophile to Abuse and to  escape accountability for his actions. This Judge should be brought before the Bar and questioned as to why he supported the release of a Convicted Pedophile in to the streets of Ireland when he had more than enough to not just ensure that he served his original sentence but to also add to it on the grounds of him breaching his original release conditions.
I have called for a long time now for a Public Sex Offenders Register in Ireland as we can't rely on the laws of the land, the courts or the police to protect our children. We all have the right to ensure that those who are a threat or danger to our children are known to us, we don't want to live beside them, they shouldn't be allowed to work with kids, assume new identities , live beside where children play, be near schools as in doing so that is allowing them to pick out their next victim or victims , to groom them over time and to then destroy their lives forever more.Once a child's innocence is taken it is gone forever, no sentence can ever retrieve what and who that child once was. But at least it will protect other children from having to suffer whilst he is incarcerated.Those that Rape and or Abuse children have lost all rights to be treated as humans as they didn't afford any rights to their victims or their families, so why should they be given the luxury of protection because they were caught.
Below is the link to a petition that I have set up for a Public Sex Offenders Register to be put in place in Ireland as we have to protect the adults of our future who are the children of today. The laws and the Government won't do it so we as a people need to be parents and protect not just our own children but all children.As their voices are not heard and the risk to them is petrifying with more and more Pedophiles arriving into Ireland on a daily if not hourly basis.Ask yourself this question Do you know how many pedophiles are living in your area ? Do you know what he/she looks like ? Do you know what the signs of grooming are with your child ? Do You Care Enough To Be Their Voice & Protect Them ?
This issue will as always get little or no media attention in Ireland as abuse is tolerated , abuse is part of society and that is why we have such ignorance as Judge Rory McCabe allowing a Pedophile to walk the streets when he should be locked up behind bars and then returned to the UK where they will also lock him up for breaching his early release terms. Shame on you Judge, how you can sleep at night I don't know and I would ask if this pedophile had abused, raped or used an image of your child or your friends child would you have been so lenient. I wonder if  you really know what a Pedophile is and can do as if not then I will gladly educate you on the facts as until you know what these predators are capable of there is no way that you should be sitting in court and judgement and allowing them to be free. I will educate you on Abuse, Sex Offenders, Pedophiles so that then you can do your job correctly and pass down the sentence that is the minimum that should have been served rather than putting innocent children at risk because you are ignorant to the reality of Pedophiles. 

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