Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Is it Time to Divorce Your Family?
To survive growing up in a sexually abusive home, you had to deny what you witnessed, felt, and experienced.  You had to numb and repress it.  Like every child, you thought you could trust your family, the people who were supposed to love and care for you.  Instead, they hurt you and ignored you.

This is your reality as a sexually abused child.  This is your “truth.”  An important part of the healing process is to accept this truth on a conscious level.  However don’t make the mistake of seeking validation for the reality of your past from the family that ignored it.  You may be ready to heal, but that doesn’t mean they are. 

The sooner you stop seeking validation from the “wrong people,” the faster you’ll recover.  If the wrong people are your family, then it might be time to divorce them and walk away for a while. 

Healing is the process of identifying your negative beliefs and exchanging them for new, positive, empowering beliefs.  Going back to the people who refuse to validate your truth only reinforces those negative beliefs.

Your greatest support and validation will come from fellow survivors.  These are the people you meet online and locally in groups for the victims of child sexual abuse.  You’ll also receive tremendous support and guidance from professional Abuse Survivor Coaches, who are often abuse survivors themselves. 

These people are the ones who “get” where you’re coming from.  Your reality is their reality.  Your truth is their truth.

Sometimes you have to divorce the family you were born into and walk away.  Coaches and your fellow survivors are the ones who will validate your truth, nourish your soul, and support you on this exciting healing journey you’ve undertaken.  

Walk toward them.  They’re the “family” you can count on.


Were you sexually abused as a child?  Is your life stuck as an adult, and you can’t seem to move forward?  Svava Brooks is a child sexual abuse survivor, as well as a certified CSA instructor and an Abuse Survivor Coach.  She offers private coaching sessions by phone or skype for child sexual abuse survivors just like you.  For more information, email svava@educate4change.com or call 619-889-6366.  Let Svava help you move forward again on your healing journey!

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